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Fun New Goals

So…I’ve been reading blog after blog about photography and I discovered the 365 day project and I’mView full post »

It’s official

I started with a soft opening allowing only Mike, my sister, and my mom to read it.  I think ten people have now atView full post »

Greatest Husband in the World!

It was going to be a typical weekend.  Well, not typical since it was one of the few weekends where we had noView full post »

Winter Lament

Kansas City is bleak.  I feel like the sun has abandoned us.   The entire city is covered with a filthyView full post »

Christmas Times

So I am not going to attempt to keep this blog chronological at this point.  I’m just posting old photos inView full post »

Family Reunion in the deep woods of Arkansas

This past August, Mike and I made the six hour trek to Wayland Springs, Arkansas.  This has been the site for myView full post »

A special thank you to my one and only…

This is my last post for the day.  I had to make sure to thank my husband for being so very supportive of this newView full post »

My First Post

So this is my inaugural post on amber christine photography.  In fact, this is my first blog ever.  I’m a littleView full post »