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SYDNEY rafael {familia}

This past weekend in Omaha we got to photograph two of the cutest kids.  Sydney has just started kindergarten and could tell me how many days she’s been in school (10), what type of dog she wanted (a labrador – not just a lab), and what dog she’s getting (a chihuahua). Rafael or Rafa was in a bright red cast.  Mike asked Rafa’s dad before we started if the cast slowed him down.  We quickly found out that it did not.  In fact, Rafa was on the move the whole time.  At one point, Sydney tried to get him to sit next to her by enticing him with goldfish.  This made for a cute series of photos but did not keep him still for long, which is quite apparent in the last photo.  Thank you Sydney and Rafa for spending a beautiful morning with us in the Old Market.

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