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After eloping, we decided to take advantage of being in Northern California to drive up the coast. We headed north via the Golden Gate Bridge stopping at Battery Spencer to capture the bridge in all its majestic beauty. We also encountered a coyote that was perfectly content to just stand watching all us tourists take pictures.

View from Battery Spencer
Wily Coyote

From there, we proceeded north and then cut west to the coast via HWY 128. Based on recommendations from co-workers, we made a lunch stop in the town of Boonville known for its counterculture and secret language. From there, we hit up Hendy Grove to see the sequoias and enjoyed some wine (and bought a bottle or two) from Navarro so named after the river that runs through the area to the Pacific.

We winded our way through the redwoods up to Mendocino where we had booked a room for the night – which happened to be Valentine’s Day, but more importantly J’s 39th birthday. We were lucky enough to score a table (the night of ) at the MacCallum House for dinner. The house was built in 1882 as a wedding gift to Daisy Kelly from her parents – she was a tad spoiled from the sound of it. We sat in a windowed porch and got to see the sun set over the cliffs where I poorly sang J happy birthday – which lucky for you, I can’t post here. Mendocino is probably my favorite coastal town with cliffs, coves, pine trees, enormous waves, and little shops galore.

The beach near our motel in Fort Bragg

Our plan the next day was to drive back down to San Fran taking the coastal route the entire way and then fly out of San Francisco on Sunday. Instead, we called an audible and cancelled our flights, extended our car rental, and drove all the way back to LA. That meant we stopped at a light house, Glass Beach, Mendocino Headlands, Point Reyes (where there’s a another light house, but it was closed), went back across the Golden Gate, saw yet another lighthouse, lunched in Monterey, and had an afternoon in Big Sur before cutting back inland to head down to LA. The perfect compliment to our elopement.

Glass Beach
Mendocino Headlands
Point Arena Lighthouse
Rebuilt after the earthquake of 1904 – I know so much about lighthouses now
Jake took this because you know, heights
View south from Point Arena
Point Reyes Cypress Tunnel
Happy as a clam because I got a stamp for my national park passport
Back over
Pigeon Point
Drive through Santa Cruz
Few places are as breathtaking as Big Sur
McWay Falls
This guy ❤️
Patagonia ad
Final dinner

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