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Exercising Resilience

Just going to skip to the good this week because work was all-consuming and overwhelming.

Celebrated David’s 70th Birthday with a zoom sing along. Love this man so so so much.

Mom & David struggling with their first zoom call
Jack Jack wishing David a very special birthday

Finished our puzzle – either it was difficult, or we’re just not very good at jigsaw puzzles because it took us FOREVER. But what a sense of accomplishment.

Got our wedding album in the mail and we love it. It’s really hard to believe that it was just two months ago we were in San Francisco.

Had to document this dangerous nonsense.

Hilarious Netflix Hallmark Movie Watch Party with friends.

Taking bets on how long it will take before the lead trips and falls

Incredibly grateful to be stuck in this quarantine with a compassionate, steady, understanding, and always goofy partner who shared this article reminding me that optimism is about exercising resilience. Made me feel better about how I’m handling all this.

And here’s a picture of aforementioned partner. And one of succulents because they’re resilient AF.

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