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A not so peachy week

Every week has been beyond what I would normally have considered busy at work – and this week was no exception. The House introduced a new relief package with very good provisions for older adults. By the time I finished summarizing the 1800 page bill, it was pretty much on the floor being voted on. And then California released its budget marking what I would consider my lowest point to date. The revised budget eliminated programs older adults rely on to stay out of nursing homes and abandoned legislative victories that took us 5 years to obtain. So, that happened. And my grandma also was sent to the hospital after having a number of syncope episodes. Thankfully, writing today, I know it was only dehydration. But there was a 24-hour period in which we all thought it could very much be COVID-19 after an x-ray of her lungs revealed a haziness. So all in all, it was a less than great week.

But there was good, too – so here it is:

I am so, so, so thankful to work for the organization that I do. This week was supposed to be our retreat – the one time a year when in all three offices come together in person and spend time planning and really pushing ourselves to grow. It was supposed to be in northern California this year, so we all were bummed to cancel it. Instead, we had a zoom meeting for a couple hours in which we discussed how we are all doing by completing a series of wellness questions. And well, we got real about it. And it was so helpful. It really forced me to think more deeply about why this has been so difficult. We were also supposed to have our annual fundraiser a couple weeks ago. That too of course was cancelled, but this week we held a virtual event to honor a long time partner and to celebrate our work. It was pretty great.

Here is some of our board and some staff congratulating the honoree.

Drove through the neighborhood to see all the incredible Jacarandas in full bloom.

Did a lot of walking this week and finally finished the book I’ve been listening to since before the stay at home orders went in place called A Place for Us. It was very good – it’s just that without driving, the only time I really get to listen to books anymore is on walks if I’m alone or in bed – and I make it about five minutes. So this felt like a big accomplishment. There was also a ton of great virtual music concerts this week. Including the Indigo Girls. And Brandi Carlile singing along to the Indigo Girls!

Jake bought peaches and nectarines and they looked pretty, so I took a picture.

Jake gave himself a buzz cut and I sort of love it.

And we took a trip to Malibu for a hike, but the trail was closed so we turned it into a beautiful drive instead.

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