Camera Talk


Get out the Map

I took a break from blogging – I don’t feel like I can adequately describe the last three weeks – or that I should. Instead, I’m just going to post some pictures.

In the spirit of the Indigo Girls, we broke out a map, plotted a course, and headed north to the Eastern Sierras over the long Memorial Day Weekend.

We walked through the Veterans Cemetery – 90,000 lie there. That weekend the deaths from COVID-19 reached 100,000 in the United States. Seeing nearly as many grave markers did not make the loss of life any more comprehensible.

I did some more photo organizing. This time putting all of my printed photos into albums chronologically. This month marked the 20th year since I spent a semester in Spain living in Valencia and traveling across the country. An experience of immeasurable value to my life. I scanned some of my favorites in.

Thousands came out and we rode bikes and motorcycles while others walked through our neighborhood for the Ride for Justice.

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