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Riding the waves

This weekend marked the 14th week of COVID and our pretty adherent stay- at-home, see-no-one existence. I am, in particular, feeling drained and sad. I dread weekends since they are an in-your-face reminder of just how not normal this time is. I feel more myself on weekdays where I can work hours at a time feeling productive. But I recognize just how unsustainable that work/life imbalance is, and so challenged myself to do more intentional things about it – or at least commit to being more intentional. Hoping I’m getting a little better at being comfortable in the discomfort.

Jake got a new road bike, so we’ve been riding. He at about three times the speed as I am.

We went to the beach.

Hung out in the back yard with the now 2-year old flourishing bougainvillea. Jake also got chased by not just one, but two opossums. Jake also went to a neighborhood social distancing hang out. I stayed at home and binged on Queer Eye. It marked the longest time we’ve been apart in four months – something I feel like I should document. Oh, and he gave me a haircut!

Had a Hawaii night with fish tacos and Mai Tais to celebrate Jake’s finishing up term 6. Just two more to go before an MFT degree!

Uncle Keith came home from the hospital – he has stage IV lung cancer that has metastasized pretty much everywhere. He and all of us are thankful that he can be at home on hospice with family. Here’s a picture from 2018 Christmas with Uncle Bill.

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