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This tornado loves you

Everything was pretty calm last week until it wasn’t. Back in June our landlord informed us he was putting our house on the market. We had been considering a move out of California, so this presented an opportunity but also a ton of uncertainty. Since then, we’ve been living with frequent showings requiring us to vacate the house. This would have been inconvenient in normal times, but with COVID it was particularly disruptive since we’re both working from home and really have no place to go during these times. We also had no idea when we would be leaving. While we could always refuse to leave until the end of our lease, we also wanted to be able to take advantage of a buy-out. But week after week no offers came and just a week and a half ago, our landlord told us that he was considering taking the house off the market and moving back in himself. So we thought we had until November when our lease ends.

Then on Thursday last week our landlord contacted us and asked what it would take for us to be out in 30 days. So just like that we’ll be moving in 30 days to Kansas City!

I am sad to be leaving California and the life I have made here not to mention the love I have for this beautiful state and all we can do here. We’ll also be leaving most of Jake’s family – a difficult compromise to be closer to mine. And Jake has never lived outside of California – so is in for quite the change. I am so incredibly thankful I am able to continue working for Justice in Aging – if I wouldn’t have been able to do that, this would have been a different move. I’m also super excited to be closer to my family and surrounded by a community of incredible friends. But right now it all feels very overwhelming and bittersweet.

We already had a trip planned to see Jake’s parents this past weekend. I am glad we had this time to take in the beauty of California, the time with his parents, and the time to enjoy the calm before the tornado that will be the next 30 days.

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