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Being Constructive

COVID is raging across the country making this week one of the hardest emotionally for me since March. We are hunkering down and filling our time with fireside movies and lots and lots of house projects. And unpacking all our stuff that got here this week. We also made the hard call this week to cancel our trip back to LA to see Jake’s family for Thanksgiving.

Instead of focusing on the bad, here is a memoir of the built-in bench seat we built (well, Jake built and I helped to paint). I love it so much.

Two white empty bookshelves flanking a large window.
Man bending over sawing wood
A frame of bench set between two white empty bookshelves under a window
A man looking at a partially finished bench under a window between two empty bookshelves
A bench now painted white between two bookshelves
Completed bench under window between two bookshelves now filled with books.
Man sitting on bench reading a book

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