Camera Talk



We celebrated two huge milestones on Friday.

First, Jake officially graduated with his Masters in Clinical Psychology. We celebrated with some takeout from Jalapeños and a photoshoot for posterity. The journey to becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist has been long in the making for Jake. I kind of think it was always his path. From serving as a youth pastor in his early 20s, to being that person who is always steady and always wants the best for anyone he encounters, to all the adversity he has endured both physically and emotionally – he’s kinda always been a therapist. Now he has the degree and is on his way to the license. Here he is looking all dapper in the graduation garb.

Second, my grandma turned 88 years old on Friday. On Saturday morning we drove the four hours to participate in a surprise birthday parade for her with all my cousins. Since we’re pausing on Christmas this year, we also took the opportunity to drop off gifts that we will get to open virtually with the family. And then we drove back the four hours. Long day, but happy day.

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