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A Cozy COVID Christmas

It was just the two of us for Christmas – but we made the most of it. We started the day off with cinnamon rolls and finishing up the 250 postcards to send to Georgia voters for the Senate election (might have bit off more than we wanted to chew on that front – and by we I mean I). We then decided to actually put on some nice(ish) clothes and take pictures in front of the tree – because why not

Man and woman standing in front of tree smiling at camera

We spent the next few hours on zoom calls with our families starting with a three-way call with Jake’s family in which we opened gifts and played a fun board game that Jake’s mom had gotten for all of us. We then switched into our jammies for Christmas with my family. I read the Night Before Christmas and then it was a loud and unorganized opening of gifts. We then had dinner by Jake – salmon, potatoes, and asparagus – with some Peachy Canyon Cabernet my parents sent home with us last weekend. We ended the night watching the very disappointing but still entertaining enough Wonder Woman 1984.

Man and woman sitting on couch smiling at camera
Boy on couch, small boy in batman mask, woman opening a gift, small girl looking down and older man in background. All are wearing the same pajamas
Watching the mayhem

While we were able to maintain some of our most treasured traditions from church with Pastor Don on Christmas Eve to scratchers tickets with Jake’s family and matching pajamas with mine, I sure am ready to be together safely again.

Meanwhile on our street

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