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Yellow house with blue front door and with snow falling


The 13th & 14th Months of 2020

Well, January and February have looked a lot like most of 2020 – adding an insurrection and inauguration into the lows and highs of a pandemic world. My grandparents have all received the vaccine and so have Jake’s parents, we celebrated a friend becoming a mom, Mary’s 65th birthday, our one year anniversary, Jake’s 40th birthday, and have so far fared pretty well in below zero temperatures for the last five days. We did some more painting, said goodbye to our urbanflouge counters, painted our island blue(!!!!), and I finally got a haircut after more than a year – though I am the only one who has noticed four inches are gone. I’ve done a lot of reading, writing, and working. Jake got a new exercise bike, we we helped friends move, fell in love with Ted Lasso, and watched the Chiefs lose in a very anticlimactic superbowl – but with delicious chili.

But to start, here’s a recap of 2020 to a little Haim that I think is apropos.

A glimpse at the painting in double speed. Bye mint green and hello agreeable grey.

Four inches gone – and look exactly the same

White woman smiling at camera.

Many zoom celebrations and an apple pie to welcome 40!

White man smiling at two sparkling candles a 4 and 0 on an apple pie on a kitchen counter
White male smiling at camera with two sparklers burn on an apple pie

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