Camera Talk

Family standing on porch; from left to right man holding child; woman, two young girls, woman and man



After two weeks of sub-zero temperatures and days on end without stepping outside, spring arrived last week and with it a family visit from my seeeester. We had a blast at the Kansas City science museum, ate some BBQ, played in the park, built a lego baby Yoda, made pizza, fell asleep watching the Lorax, and woke up the next morning to make pancakes. It was fun and exhausting in the best of ways – but most of all it was hopeful.

Young girl age 10 sitting on bench smiling at camera
Black and white photo of a train station with large arched window
Young girl wearing a mask looking down
Young boy and mother sitting in a helicopter. Young girl in second row of helicopter seats.
Young boy wearing mask sitting in a red globe
young boy climbing on red and white outdoor climbing equipment
Young boy smiling at camera
Young boy wearing mask. In background is a train station with large arched window and door
Family of five standing in front of a building that reads Arthur Bryant's. From left to right young girl, woman, young boy, teenage girl, and man
Young boy sliding down a green slide
Man in foreground rolling pizza dough. Young girl holding basil and spoon with marinara; teenage girl looking down at younger girl
Teenage girl holding a baby yoda made out of legos

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