Camera Talk


Marking milestones

Two weeks ago the weather changed and we had multiple days of sun and near 70 degree weather. We were able to take our first bike ride on trails through the woods of Kansas, celebrate Izzie turning three at an impromptu birthday party, and sit outside with neighbors late into the night.

Man and woman smiling at camera sitting on bicycles with sunglasses on and bike helmets. In background there is a creek.
Indian Creek Trail
Young girl sitting behind a birthday cake and smiling.
Izzie turns 3!
View of back of a young girl in mid air jumping  in a bounce house. She is wearing a tutu
One of my favorite images I’ve ever captured

While the weather reverted back to cold temps and rain this week, our flowers popped up in the yard and Jake got notification he is eligible for the vaccine now that he’s a health care professional. I finalized the dates I will take for my two-month sabbatical and we started planning our northwest road trip through Washington and Oregon.

And in the biggest development, we met this week with an adoption agency to begin the process of becoming parents. The path to this point has been winding and emotional, but we’re so excited to be here.

Blooming magnolia tree

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