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Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine is a band.  Or more accurately, it’s a female singer from London.  I first heard her in the car in Omaha with Mike, Dan, and Jamie.  Dan and Jamie were raving about her.  I was a fan then and I was a fan today when she was interviewed on NPR.  Florence Welch is really soft spoken and has a cute british accent – why does everyone sound smarter with a british accent? Her interview voice differs greatly from her singing voice, which is very deep and boisterous.  NPR also points this out.  So, here is a link to the song, Dog Days are Over, and the interview.  Enjoy.

And I’ve posted a picture that Mike took with the tilt shift lens of my parents’ house.  Yes, they live in a dome.  No, they are not crazy.  Well, at least no more crazy than the rest of us.  Mike stitched the pictures together making the grass and sky look like they go on for…ev…er (said like Squints in the Sandlot).  

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