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I am absolutely in love with the Freelance Whales.  Specifically, I love the song Generator^First Floor.  I love other songs on the album too, but this one just makes me happy.  I can never just play it once.  I repeat it every time it comes on.  Maybe that’s because it’s not very long, but there is also something about the song that makes me light up.  Perhaps it’s the banjo :) Anyway, take a listen to the live version here played at South by Southwest (by the way they add a verse in this version – dope!)  And then go buy it on itunes.   If you’re not happy by the end of the song and not tempted to hit the play button for another listen, you can talk smack about me in the comments.

And here are some pics I took of Lily and Tristen while home two weekends ago.

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