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Happy Birthday David!

Happy 60th Birthday Butthead!

Reasons I love you (in no particular order)
1.  I get to call you butthead affectionately
2.  You sat by me and wiped the soup that drooled out of my mouth when I had my wisdom teeth removed
3.  You visited all those “snobby” and/or “hippy” colleges with me despite your strong desire to tell me to just go to an in-state school and get over myself
4.  You can whistle like no one’s business
5.  That you are always there when I need you – like when I needed to get your car out of impound in Zion, Utah or when I had a flat tire in St. Louis or the umpteen million times I call for advice
6.  That you’re a Dutch pirate from outer space
7.  You insist on calling the laundry room the back porch even though it is entirely enclosed and located inside the house
8.  The fact that you have a file for every single subject ranging from alien sightings in Lebanon, Illinois to college e-mails from Amber
9.  Your inability to comprehend the technology of pretty much anything manufactured after 1975
10.  Your devotion to your ancestry
11.  Your devotion to us
12.  Your excitement when you hear Outkast’s Hey Ya
13.  The fact that you can still outrun any 15 year old
14.  How happy you make mom
15.  Your giggle
16.  Your t-shirt collection
17.  The comfort of your hug every time I see you and every time I have to say goodbye

Here’s to sixty more years!
Love your non-heir and non-issue daughter,

I took this picture, but it was your very thoughtful and wonderful daughter-in-law, Angela, that had the creativity to put it together and the foresight to ask me to take the picture at all.  She’s good.  

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