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Mikayla + Lily

I was so happy that we were able to get these wonderful photos of Lily and Mikayla.  They are both so precious.  

Mike played a little hide and seek under the weeping willow

She thought it was a fun game to swipe all the blocks away – I caught this one a split second before the LILY blocks went sliding across the floor :)

She’s a little rapper – plus we got a smile :)


Papa David 

A girl obsessed

I admit that I am totally obsessed with our magnolia tree. With flowers. With spring. With wearing no coat to work.  With walks with our dogs after work.  With 7:30 sunsets.  It’s wonderful!

Our tree is in full bloom!

This statue guards the end of our street.  Someone put a bandana on him.  I like the flair.

Our neighbor’s magnolia tree – it’s about to turn into an explosion of color!