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I couldn’t resist taking pictures of all the amazing plant life at the zoo.  I’m a few blog posts behind right now.  I have several in the queue that I hope to get up this weekend.  This is my first full post using my new logo.  I’ve been using it on my 365 blog and I’m loving it.

And I thought my aloe plant was crazy!



We had an absolute blast at the San Diego Zoo last weekend.  It was a perfectly gorgeous day and I even had enough nerve to ride high above the zoo in the skyfari… sweaty hands and all.

Monkey in motion

I imagine he’s telling her to go get more branches to eat from the tree kitchen

Mike shooting me shooting

And this is what I was shooting

Mike shot these two sleeping with our point and shoot – how cute are they!

I was amazed at how this bird allowed me to get so close

Up the moving sidewalk


On to the lions…it was hard to capture the lions through the fence, so I opted to post this picture instead:)

From the zoo to Old Town for Mexican…she’s making our tortillas. Yum.