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A gathering of women

This weekend we drove up to Omaha.  Mike’s mom has had a dream to give seminars focusing on women and their strengths.  She held her first seminar this weekend and it was a total success.  Approximately twenty women spent two hours together sharing their strengths and resources.  Karin’s sister, Aunt Nan, traveled from Phoenix to support Karin in her new venture.  It was a ton of fun and Karin is a natural public speaker.  Not only that, she’s funny and immediately puts her audience at ease.   If you want more information about her upcoming engagements, she’s started a website and will be expanding soon.

Here are a few pics I took of My Sisters:  Gathering of Women.

The event was held at UNO.  Donna Scherzberg made the floral arrangements that were later given out as prizes – I won one :)

Karin had the event catered.  Love some muffins in the morning!

Karin starts practicing and reading her notes before the attendees arrive.

Karin had us all laughing

A standing ovation!

Saying goodbye to guests.

Designs on 47th Street - Amber, you captured Karin's event so well. I loved looking at the pictures you took. Very well done.

Karin did a fantastic job presenting her first event. I know we all enjoyed her insights, our table discussions, women pondering and laughing together and on and on. I look forward to the next one!


Military Might

While in San Diego, we took the tour of the USS Midway.  It was incredible.  The ship’s size is incomprehensible.  It’s also a maze of corridors, stairs, and ladders.  I’m not sure how the ship’s crew wasn’t lost half the time.  My brother served in the Navy, so it was fun seeing what his life looked like on a daily basis.

We took the audio tour…here, Mike looks like he should be in the communications room.  
Thanks to these, I could have survived on the ship :) 
And these
What can I say, we’re attorneys (and dorks)
Mike took this one on the upper deck. 
He took this one also.  I think it somewhat shows the scale of the ship.
My top gun :)