About Me

I was born and raised in Lebanon, Illinois before heading off to college and then law school. I now live in Los Angeles and work for an amazing nonprofit. I developed a passion for photography starting with my first camera at age five — a bubble-gum pink  camera, one of those skinny types where you used your thumb to advance the film. I graduated to a Polaroid, which did not last long on an 8-year-old’s budget. I moved onto one of my dad’s abandoned cameras having no idea how to use it and no film. No film, no problem. I spent hours taking pretend pictures and drawing some of the select pictures I was pretending to take. Sadly (or fortunately), none of those drawings have survived. I acquired my first “real” camera — a Canon SLR — as a gift from my parents in college and have since added two digital SLRs to the collection. No matter the camera, I feel the same about photography now as I did when I was five –fascinated and inspired by capturing life’s big and small moments. I post photos here and from time to time some words I string together.





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