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Our long goodbye

We’ve started our packing and our goodbyes. Leaving in a pandemic has meant socially distanced – and somewhat awkward – drinks in our yards. Despite the weirdness, I’m thankful for it. We also have started to say goodbye to Los Angeles. This weekend we went to Venice, and again I am thankful for the weirdness. We walked the boardwalk, watched the skaters, and got some food at our favorite pizza place. A perfect Los Angeles day.

I was talking to my colleague today about the move and how it doesn’t seem real. And I’m not sure when it will. Even when we arrive in KC, we’ll be working at home and seeing few people. Just doing the same thing in a different zip code with seasons. Yet, it is real. And I’m pretty sad about it all. Or a different sad than the current sad. Good thing Jake has enough excitement for the both of us.

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