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Giving Thanks

We were supposed to be in California for Thanksgiving this year with Jake’s parents. We bought tickets in September. We cancelled them in October. And instead, we stayed home. Doing so was a sacrifice – but one of love and in the grand scheme of things a small sacrifice to ensure many more Thanksgivings. So we did a lot of zooming. With my family, we read out gratitudes and Jake said the prayer before they all swarmed in to consume the food. With Jake’s family, we had a three-way chat across the country to catch up.

We were successful in cooking our first Thanksgiving meal together that took hours to prepare, but only 15 minutes to eat (with leftovers for dayzzzz), played some scrabble in front of the fire, and spent the weekend watching Die Hard 1, 2, and 3 as well as the Christmas Story while we worked on lots and lots of house projects as captured below. Much to be thankful for.

Scrabble board with fire in background
Man cutting turkey on kitchen counter
It was delish
fireplace with two stockings hung with red beading on fire place
Decorated a little
Desk with two computer screens and plant
IKEA hack for my new office
man drawing on pad of paper with measuring tape on table
Mapping out how to build the kitchen nook!
man cutting wood on brick patio
man drilling 2x4 wood together
man placing trim on built in bench
man sanding lids of a built in bench
Complete! We celebrated with pizza and a zoom call with Janet to wish her a happy 75th birthday.
table with two chairs with bench

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