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Colorado Friends

Jake and I jaunted to Denver over the weekend. We landed, picked up our rental, and drove the almost two hours south to visit dear friends – the Neales.

The last time I was in Colorado Springs was in 2003. That trip was part of a bigger camping west trip that included some white water rafting and a stormy night in a tent in western Kansas doing lightning squats – they’re a thing, I swear.

Pikes Peak was the ultimate destination on that trip. I’ll just say I was never so grateful for my car breaking down and getting a rental that was an automatic versus my manual as we made the frightening ascent up the rock road with no guardrails that day. Being drenched in sweat at the freezing summit was far from ideal.

This trip was more about seeing Ben and his family. One of my oldest friends, there’s a real comfort in our shared experiences and catching up on all the ways we have diverged from them. Phil, Ben’s dad, moved there two years ago – seeing him was such a treat. He even gave us a beautiful tour on the mountain ridge above the city and now we know more Colorado Springs history than the average local.

But the best part was hanging at the house or at the park, eating dinner with Ben, Brianne, and their adorable kiddos, and just being. Penny – Ben’s mom- is present in the warmth radiating from the honey hues of their wood floors, the colorful art work adorning the walls, and the deep affection they show each other. Evidence of adorableness follows:

The Neales at Garden of the Gods
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

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