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Pink flower bud surrounded by green leaves



I am so thankful for science and for the incredible resources going into ensuring people feel comfortable getting the vaccine. The deaths in nursing homes and among the entire population have precipitously declined. And with the decline, there is palpable relief accompanied by thousands of tiny acts of emerging. I can feel myself shedding layers of worry, stress, and grief. I hadn’t realized just how many layers there were – I was basically Joey walking around declaring “Look at me, I’m Chanlder, Could I Be wearing anymore clothes!”

Jake started his new job with a health care clinic officially as marriage and family therapist! We did some dog sitting. I went home to celebrate Tori and Jon at her baby shower. Celebrated Justice in Aging and my shero Ai-Jen Poo, gave the Rogans an award, and lifted up how critical it is to invest in our care economy (virtual – but still pretty cool). We went home for Memorial Day and hung by the pool and enjoyed too many drinks at Gin & Tonic. And last weekend, we hung with the neighbors and friends and even went to see Quiet Place 2 in a theater. Kansas City is starting to feel like we live here rather than a place where we say we live.

Our yard is in full bloom…

Hostas gathering rain
Pink flower bud surrounded by green leaves
Peonies getting ready to burst open
Light pink rose
Our of our rose bushes – a squirrel ate off all the blooms on the other one :/
Me wearing a blue sweater and tortoise shell glasses
Got some new glasses!
Golden doodle dog with white fur looking at camera
Biscuit was our cute and ninja house guest for 10 days
My mom wearing a white shirt toasting a glass of wine
Toasting drinks with mom
Man in red shirt with white baseball cap; womanin flower dress and pregnant standing in front of balloons that are orange and white
Celebrating Tori and Jon!
A group of women and children standing in front of an orange and white balloon arbor
Some of the lady cousins
screen shot of the Rogans accepting an award and Kevin Prindiville from Justice in Aging
Watching as Kevin presented the Rogans an award from Justice in Aging celebrating their work on behalf of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia and their caregivers.
screen shot of a group of people testifying at a legislative briefing via zoom. There are 11 boxes with people in them
We helped to organize a legislative briefing for members of Congress and their staff on why they should invest $400 Billion in Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services as proposed in Biden’s American Jobs Plan. I am just so honored to be working on this transformational policy. #CareCantWait
Young boy wearing a yellow life vest and towel over his head that looks like a shark
Jack Jack swimming in 60 degree water as is a rite of passage on Memorial Day
older woman wearing ray ban sunglasses smiling at camera. She is wearing a flowered shirt.
Grandma looking like the matriarch she is

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